About Us

We are a trusted, preferred agency amount Chinese Community in Adelaide

AC CONNECTION REAL ESTATE is a trusted, preferred agency among the Chinese Community in Adelaide - South Australia, providing comprehensive service with unique strategy in real estate including buying and selling, Property Management, Well-structured Development planning with market analysis, and high-level promotion. While "A" represents Australia, "C" represents China and "CONNECTION" follows, it simply reflects our strength and ambition to connect two nations through a unique multi-cultural collaboration. We are a dedicated team who understands the culture and are strongly committed to provide a high standard of service to every client, with passion, honesty, and professionalism. We have investment advisers, property consultants, marketing and creative specialists in the team to support our business in large residential and commercial development across different capital cities such as Adelaide, Brisbane, and Gold Coast.

Our Team

Our team of experts can help you with any of your brokerage and technology concerns.
Jacky Wang

Jacky has graduated with a Master of Marketing degree at the University of Adelaide. With many years sales, training and managerial experiences, he starts his Real Estate business in Adelaide. He is a committee member...

Keith Lou
Sale Manager

Keith is a dedicated professional who is committed to providing the best advice for his clients through honest communication and his multi-culture background.   Having a long sales record in the different industry, ...

Victoria Wang
Property Consultant

A positive, enthusiastic and focused professional known for her commitment to achieving the best possible results. Victoria Wang has a natural ability to negotiate the best outcomes for her clients. She understands ...

Cedric Chen
Property Consultant

Cedric is a professional agent with many years’ experience in real estate and graduated from the University of South Australia, providing excellent services and advice to his clients. Also, he is proficient in M...

Nat Chen
Property Consultant

Nat Chen is a professional Property Consultant and Investor advisor. She has working experience from the Royal Bank of Scotland and the world's top four accounting firms, has extensive investment experience, tailored ...

Tina Luo
Sales Consultant